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It’s an exciting time for the industry involved in vehicle history reports. Whereas once it was just CarFax® that performed such services, there are now dozens of companies offering similar or expanded features. Used Vehicle Pro is proud to be part of the new face of the industry. Moreover, we believe this expansion is a great thing! It promotes new ideas, keeps prices down, and at the end of the day, you get your vehicle history report in your hands faster than ever. Who wouldn’t want that?


As part of a new wave of companies offering vehicle history reports, we wanted to do things differently. For starters, we didn’t think paying upward to $35 for a vehicle history report was a good thing. So we changed it. No, we’re not talking about a 25% or even a 50% decrease. We chopped prices by as much as 85%, and we did it without forcing our customers to settle for less.


How did we manage such a feat? Well for one, we inquired VIN from the massive database of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) and we made it work for our clients. Every auto auction and every auto dealer in the United States who buy or sell more than 5 salvage or total loss vehicles per year is required by law to post their used vehicle information on NMVTIS. Not only is the data up to date and accurate, it is also fast, in some cases it gets to you instantly. That means you can make a more accurate decision about the car you want to buy faster and cheaper than ever. That’s not just good business. That’s smart business.


So what are you waiting for! Come meet the new face of vehicle history reports today!

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