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Unlock the power of license plate lookups with our expert tools and resources. With our help, you can perform comprehensive searches of license plates from any state in the US, allowing you to quickly and easily access important vehicle information.
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Why look up a license plate with Used Vehicle Pro?

Ensuring the accuracy of a license plate lookup is crucial, whether you’re considering purchasing a vehicle or need to report a reckless driver. Maybe you’re simply curious about the car’s previous ownership. Whatever the reason, our license plate check service provides access to valuable information about a vehicle’s history and past owners. Additionally, our advanced VIN Check tool enables you to obtain comprehensive vehicle history reports with ease. Trust us to help you make informed decisions about your next car purchase or safety concerns.

Reversed License Plate Search Vs License Plate Lookup

There are two types of online services available to find information about a vehicle using its license plate number: a License Plate Search and a Reverse License Plate Number Search. Although both services provide access to vehicle information, there are notable differences between them:

License Plate Search:

Reverse License Plate Number Search

A License Plate Search is ideal if you have a specific license plate number and need information about the vehicle. However, a Reverse License Plate Number Search is useful if you have partial information about the vehicle and want to find the matching license plates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A license plate lookup is an online service that allows you to find information about a vehicle using its license plate number.
A license plate lookup can provide you with a variety of information, including the vehicle make, model, year, registration status, owner’s name and address, liens or loans associated with the vehicle, vehicle history (including accidents and repairs), title information, odometer readings, and history, safety recalls, emissions test results, and much more.
There are many reasons to perform a license plate lookup, including:
  • To obtain information about a vehicle you are interested in purchasing
  • To report a bad driver or vehicle
  • To satisfy your curiosity about the previous owner of a vehicle
  • To ensure the accuracy of information about a vehicle that you are insuring
Yes, license plate lookups are legal. However, some states may have restrictions on who can access certain information, such as criminal records associated with a vehicle or its owner.
Our license plate lookup service is simple and straightforward. Just enter the license plate number and state of registration, and our system will provide you with a comprehensive report of the vehicle’s history and other important information.